OCTOBER 21, 2017


We are makers of music. And we have been loving music and making it for over 20 years. We appreciate where music has been, it's infinite styles and nuances, forms, and colors and we are moved by where it takes us today. Music is emotion vibrating in sound. We are privileged to speak this language every day.

Founded in 1986, SFM for many years specialized in the art of crafting music for television and radio commercials. Early success was marked by campaigns for Cheer, McDonald's and Hallmark Hall of Fame. As our reputation grew, we received numerous awards including Addy's, Lions from Cannes and Clios. Over the next 15 years we created music on thousands of commercials. In fact, there are few major brands we have not created music for and few emotions we have not underscored.

Today SFM continues to make music not only for commercials but for feature film, television and documentaries as well. We welcome new opportunities and partnerships in making music and invite you to work with us.

Steve Ford - Composer

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Alejandro Valencia - Composer

Alejandro Valencia is a remarkable musician who can draw from a deep reservoir of influences, styles, and virtuosity. He began playing accordian in his native country of Col .... Read More

Rick D'Andrea - Director of Marketing

When it comes to creating new business opportunities and seeing them through to fruition, no one does it better. At SFM, Rick is responsible for representation, marketing and .... Read More

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