SEPTEMBER 26, 2017

Steve Ford - Composer

Born outside of Chicago, Steve began playing piano at the age of 7 and was inspired by music he heard in movies and television. As he “picked out” the tunes by ear, he caught the notice of his parents who sought musical instruction through piano lessons.

Steve continued musical studies through high school and began performing for events on solo piano at the age of 14.

Graduating from Colorado College, he decided to pursue a career in advertising and began as a cub copywriter at JWT Chicago. As it turned out, most of his ideas for TV commercials involved music in one way or the other so he left the field to pursue his first love; that of creating and producing music in the studio.

By the 1990’s, Steve Ford Music was sought out by creatives across the U.S, and Steve was creating and producing hundreds of finals a year working with some of the most talented musicians in the world.

Today he continues to create world class music combining the resonance of human musicianship with today’s technology on projects ranging from traditional commercial work to long format film and documentaries.

Steve has two young daughters and lives outside of Chicago. And when he’s not busy composing he enjoys life in the North Woods.
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